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Is anybody tired of killing zombies yet?  Or better yet, will anybody ever get tired of killing zombies?  Like Nazis, they are things that deserve to die because, well, they just do.


 We've mowed them down with silly controls (Resident Evil), with creative weapons (Dead Rising), guns and speed (Zombie Revenge), and light guns (House of the Dead & Crypt Killer).  What's left to do with zombies?  Maybe run them over with heavily armed vehicles of different makes and models?  Sure, I can dig that!


 Enter Zombie Driver.  Originally released in December of 2009, and provided gratis from the developers Exor Studios, I eagerly installed the game to play on my computer which... was too weak to perform the game to an acceptable reviewable level.  Now, in 2011, my rig has evolved to the point where it can do this title justice.  If only money wasn't an option for upgrading PCs, I'd be a happy guy with even less time on my hands for gaming.


The title lists at $10, a Blood Race add-on that adds racing to the fun, and a recently released add-on for $2 called Summer of Slaughter  adds more life to the title as well as the "night mod," where you run over and slaughter zombies properly- at night!


The only problem I find with the game control-wise is the camera angles and movement.  This sometimes makes me motion sick, and I have to stop playing to prevent spraying dinner on my PC screen.


The XBox 360 wired controller is my controller of choice for Zombie Driver, and having mastered that thing for years, it is old-hat when it comes to this title.  Sure I still get hung up in crazy areas and panic, but most games will give you that feeling every now and then.










The 3/4 view on the screen gives you enough to work with, and the guide arrows will point the direction to where you want to go, but not the way.  Thankfully, some things in your way can be destroyed, but you could accidentally end up in a dead end surrounded by zombies.


The zombie variety is decent, if not too small to really notice a difference between them all.  There are larger ones that appear and differentiate themselves from the rest, but they all splatter quite well.  The one thing about these zombies, they are like Doritios- you kill them all, fine, they'll make more.  Lots more. 


There are survivor missions (along with the carnage missions you expect), where you run out to get survivors into your car, but it's not that simple.  You're car has the capacity for 3 passengers, there are 4 of them at one stop, and no, you can't stick them on the roof or in the trunk.  You could try again with a different car.  Maybe a taxi cab would be a better rescue vehicle than a sports car?  Sure the sports car is cooler, faster, but the cab is stronger and fits more people in it. 


Your vehicle is upgradeable and more weapons and vehicles are unlockable as you make your way through this version of the pending zombie apocalypse, which is due to arrive on 12-21-2012, if you believe such nonsense.  Graphically the game looks great on my new HD monitor, and it's a joy to splatter blood across the cement. 


I did need to download a patch to make Zombie Driver play correctly, for some reason my rig played without textures, and an almost white screen.  After it was cleared up, the game ran great, played great, and is a worthy addition to the Steam library.



Above:  Summer of Slaughter (left)  Zombie Driver (proper, right) Zombie Barbeque (below)


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