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Boogie Wings  DataEast

The Great Ragtime Show, another name for Boogie Wings, and a much better name at that, looks like it's a steampunk-ish shooter.  There's an interesting dated bi-planes and early 1900s feel to the whole deal, I dunno, Steampunk maybe?  It's a typical horizontal shoot'emup, and your plane is equipped with a giant hook that can catch-and-fling spike-covered mines at ground enemies as well as flinging them into airborne enemies. 

The graphics are pretty dated, even for a game that is from 1992.  The voice of the announcer is very pompous, and you feel the need, like many games, to reach into the machine and throttle the "person" who is talking.  The controls are smooth and work very well when you are in your plane, but they make you crap your pants when you are shot down.  When this happens, you are on foot, and can run as fast as your plane flew, and you can even run backwards (!), which is a site in and of itself.  Eventually you can hop in a circa-World War 1 tank that feels fairly useless, but you will get your plane back.  To avoid frustration it could be just as easy to do a suicide run while on the ground, and start over equipped with a plane again. 

As far as your character goes, he's a muscle-headed dooshbag, which reminds me why I like shoot'emups: you will rarely see your character, only the ship he is flying.  Sure you might hear his voice, but the characters are usually better heard and not seen.  It's not a terrible game, but it is fairly forgettable.